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    7 products
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    Villa Scarf | Double Face Sheepskin
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    Scarfs - Klara Collar | Raccoon
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    Klara Collar | Raccoon
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    Scarves do not just have to be practical. They are a stylish addition to your wardrobe. Our scarves and collars are available in many different varieties, so you can be sure that you can find a scarf for any occasion, whatever you want to be practical and warm or stylish and exclusive. Our scarves and collars are all made of high-quality fur. The various fur scarves are available in raccoon, mink, rex rabbit, sheepskin wool, wool blend or double-sided sheepskin. All our scarves are onesize, and among the many different designs and colors you will without a doubt find your new favorite scarf.

    Feel warm

    Our scarves are made of genuine fur and with it comes a wide range of natural qualities, which you can enjoy during the cold winter months. Genuine fur is heat-regulating by nature, which is why it has a warming effect when it is cold. Therefore, you can always count on a scarf made of genuine fur to keep you warm, even when it is coldest. Next, a scarf sits close around the neck, which is a huge advantage as there are many jackets that does not have a high collar. Here you have the solution. Not only are you guaranteed to feel warm, but our scarves are also beautiful in design, so you can feel beautiful and elegant throughout the winter. It is amazing.

    Bring nature into your wardrobe

    If you need to pamper yourself and your wardrobe more than usual, then take a look at our collection of scarves. They are simple and straightforward in their expression, but they exude both nature and high quality. It is the perfect combination. It can be difficult to assess how to give your wardrobe life and edge, but here you have the answer. Invite nature inside you and let yourself fall in love with the fantastic fur, which is softer than anything else you have come across before, and warmer than even the warmest winter jacket. A scarf is a good place to start, because the only thing you risk by getting a natural item like this is the urge to buy more natural fur. Soon you will understand that genuine skin gloves, bags of fur and slippers of sheepskin are also quite indispensable in any wardrobe. In that case, it is good that we can offer you everything you need.

    A stylish design

    We have a large selection of different collars and scarves in the collection. There is something for everyone and for every purpose. One of the things that all our styles have in common is that they are extremely stylish and fashionable, so you can feel beautiful and comfortable when you wear your new scarf. There are some that are very classic with mink fur, while others have long and wild hair from raccoon fur. Next, we also have poncho-like scarves that give a casual but nice look for indoor use without a jacket as well. Take a look at our website and see which scarves you like the most. We have no doubts that there is at least one scarf, if not several, with your name on it!

    High-quality fur

    We only work with genuine fur of the highest quality, which is why we have chosen all our furs with great care. There are several things that are important to us when choosing what kind of fur, we make use of, but something that is very essential is that you can see the quality from a distance and that it is also what you feel when your fingers run through the impressive fur. You will not be disappointed!

    What types of furs are in the collection?

    At NATURES Collection, we work with almost all types of fur that can be found from all over the world. We select our materials carefully so that we can offer the best and most beautiful products. We make use of 100% natural materials and nothing less than that. On our website you can, for example, come across different kinds of sheepskin, types of rabbit fur, products with raccoon and fox fur, cowhide, zebra skin and genuine mink fur from Denmark. Below you can read more about what kind of skins that are included in our collection of scarves.

    Rabbit fur

    We love genuine rabbit fur, and for a very special reason. Rabbit fur is characterized by being soft as silk in both feeling and expression. The coat looks nice, and it gives some beautiful and natural shades in the coat. It fits perfectly for any scarf, and you will love the amazing softness.

    We get our genuine rabbit fur from Southern Europe, more specifically France and Spain. Next, we are dealing with two types of rabbit fur. One is the regular rabbit fur, which is a bit cheaper than the even more exclusive rex rabbit fur, which has a finer quality and is generally less likely to shed. However, it is only natural that rabbit fur sheds a bit, and that does not make the quality worse for that reason. Both ordinary rabbit and rex rabbit are very exclusive and luxurious!

    Sheepskin fur

    We have a scarves of genuine sheepskin fur from New Zealand. Besides that, we also work with sheepskin from Tibet, Iceland, UK, Gotland and more. New Zealand sheepskin fur is characterized by being durable and dense in the quality of the fur, which is why it is perfect for a scarf. The coat is soft and beautiful as it exudes nature and adds life to any outfit.

    Fox fur

    Our fox fur from Finland is very beautiful and wild in its looks. A scarf with fox fur can live up your outfit like never before with its raw look of pure nature. It is perfect.

    Raccoon fur

    We get our racoon fur from the USA, and it is carefully selected with consideration for a natural look and high quality. Raccoon fur has long hairs and a beautiful color play, that can add a bit of edge for your outfit. You will love a scarf with genuine racoon fur for sure.

    Mink fur from Denmark

    If you really want to pamper yourself then you should take a look at our scarves made of genuine mink fur. Our mink fur from Denmark is certified and looks absolutely stunning. Mink fur is characterized by its glistening surface and by being blank in its looks. It adds an exclusive and luxurious touch, that cannot be mistaken. The fur is dense, smooth and short.

    Is genuine fur sustainable?

    You are probably asking yourself whether our beautiful high-quality scarves are also sustainable? The environment and sustainability are generally something we attach great importance to and take into account when choosing our fur. That is why we get a lot of the fur we work with from the meat industry. Furs and skins are generally a residual product from the production of meat, and we see a great advantage in using this fur for items, such as our warm scarves, rather than letting the fur be wasted by throwing it out. Thereby we reduce the waste of resources and do a good deed for the environment. We also see a great honor in making use of the whole animal and letting it come into its own. Through our products we are reminded of the magnificent animals and the life they have lived in the open air. By including nature in our wardrobe or interior design, we can enjoy the harmony that only a true piece of nature can bring. It is quite beautiful and wonderful at the same time.

    In addition, genuine fur is very durable and long lasting, no matter what type it is. Therefore, you are guaranteed a scarf that you can enjoy season after season, and you do not have to spend a lot of money constantly investing in new items. That way, our fur scarves are also a sustainable investment, as one scarf is enough.

    Use your scarf for any occasion

    A scarf made of genuine fur is good for almost any occasion, as it has a practical function and can keep you warm in the winter cold, but then they are also have a beautiful design and can make your outfit elegant and exclusive when you go out.

    Our fur scarves come in many colors, so you can find the scarf that fits perfectly into your wardrobe. Maybe you got a new jacket and need a scarf that matches? Or have you noticed our lovely skin gloves, which look stunning with our natural scarves?

    Make your future winters quite unforgettable with one or more of our high-quality fur scarves now. You will never regret it as they are classic and elegant in the look and feel softer than anything you have ever felt before. It is something everyone deserves to try if it stood to us.

    Do something good for yourself and your outfit with one of our beautiful fur collars of genuine fur. With a fur collar, you can easily give your everyday clothes extra warmth and a beautiful expression. Our fur collars are made of 100% genuine fur. When you buy a fur collar from us, you are guaranteed a fur collar of the highest quality and it is clear to feel and see. The coat has a completely unique shine and keeps you nice and warm at all times.

    Bring nature into your wardrobe

    Do you miss a bit of edge in your wardrobe? Or do you have a hard time putting your finger on what is missing? Maybe you just really need to pamper yourself or someone you care about? Then we have a great suggestion. Invite nature into your wardrobe and let yourself be enchanted by the softest fur and the feeling you will get when you look at yourself in the mirror with your new fur collar. You will feel more than comfortable, as a collar with genuine fur is both elegant, beautiful, and raw in its look.

    A collar with genuine fur exudes both nature and luxury. It is a perfect opportunity to give your wardrobe a bit of an edge, as you do not only get a collar of fur with the purchase. It is truly a piece of nature, which can be both seen and felt on the fine hairs.

    Meet winter with a smile

    With a fur collar, you can really face winter with a smile and without fear of freezing. On the cold days, you can swing the collar around your neck and be covered even in the worst weather. In addition, you can be guaranteed a beautiful winter outfit at any time, as such a collar is the perfect detail for a jacket or coat.


    You have every good reason to dive into our universe, which is filled with high quality fur and beautiful styles. Find your favorite scarf among our selection and feel beautiful for winter and autumn. You will feel unusually comfortable as the fur is soft and exclusive at the same time. What do you like best about our fur scarves?

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