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In this article we will introduce you to our natural world and tell you a lot more about where we come from and what we stand for.

At NATURES Collection we simply live, breathe and dream for natural products. We combine the best materials with a proud tradition of craftsmanship. Timeless design and natural materials are in focus and we take pride in developing all of our designs ourselves, from first sketch to finished product. 

Through our commitment to the design and production of fashion and interior products we strive to make brilliant design and style accessible to the largest possible audience.


Our products are designed in-house and sold through a growing network of distributors all around the world. At NATURES Collection we never make  compromises. We hand-pick the best suppliers from across the world for our production. It is important for us that we only work with materials that live up to our standards of quality and sustainability.

You can experience a unique beautiness and high quality with our products and each product tells its own unique story. We use the best materials and especially our sheepskins are the best in the world when it comes to quality and expression. Our products may vary in expression, but never in durability, quality or originality. Products produced by NATURES Collection are designed with the ambition of creating lasting value. In other words, our products are made to be used. In fact, we believe that our products only get more beautiful the more they are used.


The way we see it, your home reflects who you are. We would love to surround you with warmness, charm and soul - whether you are seeking the luxurious and exclusive, the carefully crafted, the graceful and minimalistic or the loud and the rebellious. We stand for natural materials and Nordic design, which promotes sustainability and brings nature close to you.

In our selection of products you can find sheepskin, soft cushions, rugs, bean bags, poufs and furnitures made of genuine sheepskin. You will also find jackets and coats, vests and ponchos, beanies and gloves, shoes and slippers, bags and clutches and a lot more that enriches your wardrobe with the soft fur and sheepskin.


Far away from the noise of the big city you will find NATURES Collection in Soleskov, Hedensted. In idyllic surroundings on an old farm, we have our head office and warehouse in beautiful and natural surroundings. All in the raw and natural style, with a very special atmosphere that fits perfectly with fur and leather in all its shapes and colors.


In the middle of the corona pandemic we decided to create a fantastic store in our own surroundings, where we look forward to see you. We have our great showroom, our own sewing room and Cabinetmaker's Workshop. This is to give our customers a complete concept. Our talented furriers and cabinetmaker works every day to make our beautiful designs in-house and customized furnitures.


If you can't come and visit us, we have a virtual showroom, where you can get inspired.

You are always welcome to visit us in the store Monday - Friday between 10am and 4pm. We look forward to see you!

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