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Article: Behind The Scenes - 5000 sqm Warehouse

Behind The Scenes - 5000 sqm Warehouse -

Behind The Scenes - 5000 sqm Warehouse

It is time to invite you inside the engine of NATURES Collection. It is our warehouse and from here all our orders are packed, both for private customers and business customers from all over the world.

The warehouse is placed in 6 different buildings in the area, including one main warehouse and 5 external warehouses. The warehouse occupies a total of 5000 sqm. It is a lot of square meters to keep track of, but in the spring of 2022, we got a new warehouse management system, which has made it possible to keep track of the many thousands of sheepskins we house.  

In the warehouse, we have five employees who pick, pack and clean daily. During the busiest season, which is winter, we call in temporary workers who help with the many orders.

natures collection lager

Nina packs all orders for private customers with a smile and every single product is wrapped properly so it is not damaged during the journey to the customer.

We have to think big and structured when the large containers with sheepskins come from all over the world twice a month. The large loads contain the world's best sheepskins and other sheepskin products, which are well stocked in all our warehouses.

Sustainable initiatives in the warehouse

NATURES Collection is always striving to become more and more sustainable. That is why we use paper bags for our orders, and we reuse cardboard boxes for orders or storage.

Recently we have changed our supplier of packaging, to be more sustainable.

We consistently work to optimize ourselves both in terms of reducing picking errors, and ensuring tidiness in the halls and transparency in relation to sustainability on a daily basis.

natures collection lager

At NATURES Collection we are proud of our warehouse, and you are always welcome to stop by Soleskov to see it. Maybe you find something great in the store?

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