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Article: How to get happy feet instantly

How to get happy feet instantly -

How to get happy feet instantly

Do you know the feeling of being exhausted after a long week or day with work, cleaning and many other chores? Or are your feet tired after a long walk? Maybe you have worn the same shoes all day and cannot wait to take them off? Then you should treat yourself with a pair of our amazingly soft and very fashionable slippers of real sheepskin, that will sweep you off your feet.

Our slippers are a pleasure for you and your feet, and in our opinion, everybody deserves it. Not only they are fashionable, but they are also softer than most things. You will not believe it before you have tried getting out of bed on a Sunday morning walking around wearing a pair of our sheepskin slippers. They are truly very comfortable and a magnificent piece of nature. The bottom is made of natural rubber, and the sole is lined with sheepskin. 

Sheepskin – a sustainable choice

Our slippers are made of 100% real sheepskin fur from New Zealand, which is extra soft and durable. Because of that, you can enjoy your slippers every single day. The fur is beautiful and gives an outstanding look to your slippers. You will not be able to leave them when you have worn them for the first time! This is the perfect opportunity for you to add nature to your wardrobe. This is something all people should try, if you ask us.

Our sheepskin comes as potential waste from the meat industry. We use the beautiful fur, that would have been wasted otherwise. This minimizes the waste of resources and makes sure, that you can wear the loveliest slippers instead. You would not believe that something as luxurious and exclusive as fur slippers could also be sustainable, but in this case, we have made an exception. 

fur slippers

You can find our amazing fur slippers by clicking here.

Self-indulgence with natural fur

At NATURES Collection we think that it is important to remember to spoil yourself once in a while. There is no better way of doing that than with a pair of our slippers for women. They are light as the clouds and so soft that you will get a feeling of walking on feathers all day long.

Besides, they can be used for almost everything. If you wish to walk around in your pyjamas all day or if you enjoy wearing a pair of jeans, you can never go wrong with these slippers. It feels like a warm hug around both of your feet, because the sheepskin fur is extremely soft and has a warming effect. They are perfect shoes for use in the home, when you need a cozy feeling.

You do not have to hide your sheepskin slippers when it is summer. Even though they are warm, they can also be used outdoor. Because of the solid sole you can wear your slippers on your terrasse or in your garden and enjoy the warm weather while treating your feet. 

When you have fallen in love with your new sheepskin slippers you are in a risk of getting an urge to buy more sheepskin products. But there is no reason to be nervous - we have many more lovely items of real sheepskin fur and wool. Treat yourself or someone you love with a sheepskin rug you can sit on when you go out on you terrasse or a sheepskin rug for your couch.

A sheepskin rug is unbelievably soft and decorative. It fits into any interior and it gives a natural and Nordic touch, that you will never regret. A sheepskin is a natural product, that looks great for a very long time and you can enjoy it during several generations.


Se our wide selection of sheepskin here.

Buy a sheepskin brush with your new sheepskin and brush it once a week so you can make sure that your sheepskin will keep being soft and beautiful for many, many years.

When it comes to sheepskins you have lots of different types to choose between. We have Icelandic, Tibetan, New Zealand, UK, Gotlandic and more! Are you looking for a natural sheepskin that has a raw and very natural look, you should take a look at our Icelandic sheepskins.

If you are more into a soft and minimalistic sheepskin our sheepskins from New Zealand are ideal, and if you would like a sheepskin with a beautiful touch and a bit of edge our Tibetan sheepskins are perfect for you. 

You can also treat yourself with one of our hot-water bottles, that has a cover of sheepskin. Our hot-water bottles are amazingly comfortable to use, and they become completely irreplaceable once you have tried them.

The hot-water bottle comes in shortwool sheepskin, curly sheepskin, rabbit fur and sheepskin cut down to a length of 12 mm – also called moccasin. A hot-water bottle of sheepskin is also an amazing gift for a woman that has everything, because it can be used for many years. 

If your slippers are not warm enough during the winter, we have the perfect solution. Buy a pair of sheepskin soles of sheepskin from New Zealand and put them in any shoe, boot or other footwear. With these soles you can be sure to feel warm in even the coldest weather. 

Why is sheepskin so popular?

Sheepskin has become more and more popular during the last couples of decades and that is something we understand very well at NATURES Collection. A sheepskin is an amazing product that can be used for many different purposes. Besides that, sheepskin is a material that is very durable and long-lasting by nature, which makes it a good investment.

If you buy a sheepskin or a jacket of sheepskin wool, you can be sure that you have it for more generations. Furthermore, it is a material that degrades over time, so it does not harm the environment unnecessarily. In other words, you can buy a sheepskin, sheepskin slippers, a sheepskin cushion, a coat of sheepskin wool and other sheepskin products with a clear conscience when it comes to your wallet, because it is a safe investment, but also when it comes to the environment.

This makes sheepskin something, that anyone would want to invest in and because of that we strive to find products of sheepskin, that you would want to buy, so we make it easier for you to make sustainable and quality-conscious decisions.


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