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Article: Celebrate your favorite woman

Celebrate your favorite woman -

Celebrate your favorite woman

When the date says the 8th of march it is International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day marks and highlights the position of women in the world and their rights. Even though we have come far today with equality in the world, it is still a special occasion, we like to celebrate. What we are celebrating, to be exact, is women. Women in every age, shapes and sizes. And what can you give women, so they will feel special? The answer is high quality products from nature, that makes any woman feel exclusive and beautiful.

Celebrate your favorite woman 

At NATURES Collection we have hundreds of products for strong women. Our products are not only a stylish choice, but it is also a sustainable choice. Our products are made of fur and skin, that are 100 % natural. The skin mainly comes from the meat industry and our use of them minimizes unnecessary waste. Instead of throwing the skins away, we buy them, and we make beautiful sheepskins, bags, shoes, coats and more. When celebrating International Women's Day in present time, it can be done in different ways. Here at NATURES Collection, we are passionate advocates for not hesitating to treat yourself and especially not on a day like this. 

Sheepskins for the couch

Something we all love, is to be comfortable. But it can sometimes be difficult to find the right position to be completely comfortable. Sometimes you need support in the shape of a pillow and other times you need some extra soft comfort that makes you forget about your worries and just relax. Our real sheepskins are perfect for the couch and creates a unique, soft environment that is hard to leave once you have made yourself comfortable. Treat yourself on International Women’s Day with one of our beautiful sheepskin and feel the nature and comfort.

sheepskin cushions

Find your real sheepskin here.

Fur coat

When you are updating your wardrobe, you need to consider, which materials you want to invest in. We recommend you go in the sustainable direction and invest in natural materials, that lasts for many years before it biodegrades itself in nature. We have a big collection of exclusive fur coats and fur jackets that you simply have to look through. With a fur coat in your wardrobe, you will have a clean conscience, because you are investing in nature. Look through our collection of fur coats and fur jackets here and choose your own sustainable products to spoil yourself with in International Women’s Day.

fur coat

Leather gloves with fur

A must have in your bag, car or pocket is a pair of good, high quality gloves. Our selection of gloves quite big and you can get gloves of 100 % real leather and some of our gloves have rabbit fur, fox fur and the exclusive mink fur. Our gloves are absolutely beautiful. 

leather gloves

See our collection here and find the gloves that suits you best.

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