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Article: Find the perfect wedding gift

Find the perfect wedding gift -

Find the perfect wedding gift

Have you been invited to a wedding? Then you simply must find the perfect gift, so the happy couple can look back on their big day and remember the beautiful gathering of all the people they love the most - including you. But how do you find the perfect wedding gift. It can be quite difficult to decide on a budget depending on how close you are with the couple, and therefore it is not always easy to find a gift that matches your wishes and your budget.

At NATURES Collection you will find a large selection of exclusive items for the home and wardrobe, all made of natural skin and fur. We are sure, that you can find the ultimate wedding in our shop. To make it easier, we have gathered some of our best suggestions in different price ranges, each of which will manage to sweep the lucky bridal couple off their feet. 

The budget-friendly gift (Less than €150) 

Seat cover of New Zealand sheepskin (€39) 

Our New Zealand sheepskin seat cover is both a beautiful and practical wedding gift. The seat cover is made of high-quality sheepskin, so even though the gift is budget-friendly, the natural look and durable material makes it worth much more. Our seat covers are available in several shapes and colors.

seat covers in sheepskin

Leaf Hot Water Bottle of sheepskin (€69) 

The Leaf hot water bottle is a lovely gift to give, as it is breathtakingly beautiful and timeless in its looks at the same time as it can bring the couple infinite joy and comfort in their everyday life. The cover is made of sheepskin with a pattern designed with inspiration from nature. In addition, the sheepskin is cut short and incredibly soft and warm.  

hot water bottle in sheepskin

Coral Reefs Cushion (€99) 

The Coral Reefs Cushion is a lovely detail to any home, as the design is part of our new collection, Art of Nature. The cushion comes in two variants - one with short-haired, curly sheepskin at the ends and one with long-haired sheepskin fur in a pattern at the ends. The cylinder shape of the cushion makes it perfect for bedtime, when the TV is on, or a book is about to be read. In addition to being beautiful, this shape also helps to create comfort when it is placed in the lower back. 

cushion for the back

The generous gift (€150-€400) 

Shell cushion (€169-€219) 

A generous gift is our beautiful Shell Cushion, which is made of New Zealand sheepskin of sky-high quality. The cushion comes in 3 sizes, which also vary in the price range. That way, you can find a Shell Cushion that fits into your budget. The Shell Cushion has a different and natural shape that is very decorative in the home. It might even become the special item in the couple's home that they can look at and be reminded of their wedding.

shell cushion

Pouf (€229) 

Have you considered a pouf for the happy couple? At NATURES Collection, you can find a large selection of natural poufs that can give a luxurious and stylish touch to the home. Here we have selected a sheepskin pouf that measures 40x40x13 cm. The pouf is made of short wool and curly sheepskin fur, so it brings Nordic charm, warmth, and softness with it.

sheepskin pouf

Julia Throw (€179)  

If you want to give a soft, warm, and exclusive gift that will be received with open arms by the lucky couple, then a suggestion is our lovely Julia throw, which is made of 50% alpaca wool of the finest kind and 50 % sheepskin wool. The throw has a beautiful and modern look, and is as soft as it looks, and it will without a doubt be appreciated by the couple who have many cozy moments together. Give them an experience that makes these moments even more memorable with a wool throw.

wool rug

Maxi Float Cushion (€399) 

Our last suggestion for a generous gift is our impressive Maxi Float Cushion, which brings joy in any home. It is suitable for both children and furry friends, as you can find the warmest and loveliest comfort in the soft materials. In addition, the cushion is very durable and can create fun and memorable times for the new family.

maxi cushion

The exclusive and memorable gift (More than €400) 

If you really want to give the couple an exclusive and memorable gift, then we have created a category with items for more than €400. These are also perfect suggestions if you get together with other people to give a gift. 

Gotlandic sheepskin (€429) 

Gotlandic sheepskin are very popular as wedding gifts, as it is beautiful and warm and very natural in expression. The quality is sky-high, as the material has been selected with great care. The fur is dense and curly, so it brings warmth and softness that cannot be replaced with anything else. Sheepskin is durable and long-lasting, so it will be a memorable gift.

gotlandic sheepskin

Brazilian cowhide (€459)

Cowhide is exclusive. How about giving the couple a cowhide rug? Cowhides are extremely beautiful on the floor as a beautiful rug, or it can be used as a carpet under the dining table or living room table. One thing is for sure, and that is that we have not met anyone who does not appreciate a bit of high-quality nature like this. 

brazilian cowhide

Mirror in Calf Leather (€529) 

Calf leather is by nature smooth as butter and soft in quality, and it can be seen from a long distance. Therefore, the perfect gift is without a doubt a lovely mirror like this, which has a frame of South American calf leather. The mirror can follow the couple in all their future homes and contribute to a warm, stylish, and cozy atmosphere in the home.

calf leather mirror

Bean Bag (€899) 

One last luxurious and exclusive suggestion for a different, memorable, and fun gift is one of our bean bags made of sheepskin. Here we have a bean bag that measures 90x90 cm and has a lovely shape and softness that catches the eye in a second. It can create an extra seat for movie night or afternoon coffee in no time. This is just one of the many reasons why a gift like this can create memories that will last forever.

bean bag

Explore the items at NATURES Collection and dive into our furry universe, which offers pure nature and sky-high quality. Among our selection, we are sure that the perfect wedding gift is hidden, which is both different, exclusive, and memorable in a way that is not to be found anywhere else. 


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