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Article: Upgrade your wardrobe with pure nature

Upgrade your wardrobe with pure nature -

Upgrade your wardrobe with pure nature


At NATURES Collection, you can find high-quality items made of genuine fur that can bring nature close to you. Not only do genuine fur and skin look stylish and timeless, but the materials are naturally long-lasting at the same time as they appear soft and beautiful on the surface. Many people think about genuine fur when it's cozy and warm and can only be worn during winter when it's cold. We get it, because genuine fur keeps you warm, but there is more to it. Did you know that most of our products can be used all year? In other words, there is every reason to try something new and invite nature into your wardrobe. In this article, we show you how to upgrade your wardrobe with pure nature.  

The perfect jacket 

Look for your next jacket in our selection of beautiful coats and jackets made of 100% natural materials. You are guaranteed not to freeze because genuine fur retains heat very well, just as you can be sure that a jacket from our collection can be reused season after season because the materials are long-lasting and can stay beautiful for years!

There is a jacket for everyone. If you want a long, classic coat, we have several designs with elegant details and a good length.


On the other hand, if you are looking for a practical jacket, you can take a look at our parka jackets. You can spend a whole day in the woods no matter the weather!

If you are more into short jackets, NATURES Collection offers that too. We have jackets in both oversized fit and a classic fit.

We are confident that your dream jacket can be found in our selection! 

Fur vests

At NATURES Collection you can find a wide selection of luxurious fur vests. We have vests made of various types of genuine sheepskin fur, certified rabbit fur from Southern Europe and exclusive Danish mink fur with a shiny finish. In addition, we offer classic long fur vests and short vests that can be used to upgrade any outfit. Find your favourite style and choose the color that fits perfectly into your wardrobe.

One of the things we love most about our stylish fur vests is that they can be worn all year. The fur can keep you warm and be a beautiful detail to your outfit over a dress or a pair of our leather leggings and a shirt. Many love to style our vests like this during the winter when it is cold outside.

But that is not all. In fact, our vests can keep you warm outside by wearing it over a jacket or a blazer. It's a perfect way to stay warm when the temperature drops.

Fur slippers all year around 

Our collection of genuine fur slippers can make your feet happy in no time. There is almost no better feeling than coming home from a long day at work and stepping into genuine sheepskin. Many people also enjoy waking up to the soft fur under their feet as one of the first things they feel when they start their day. It is pure luxury.

Our fur slippers are made of certified sheepskin from New Zealand. This type of fur provide a warm and soft fur. In addition, the material is perfect for a shoe because it is durable and long-lasting.

Genuine sheepskin keeps you warm, which is why our fur slippers are ideal during the winter when it's cold outside. However, our slippers can also be used for spring and summer without any problems. Quick chores like taking out the trash or grocery shopping can be done wearing a pair of slippers because they have a hard sole. Especially our Lilly Cross slipper is suitable for outdoor use, because it has a solid cork sole. Therefore, you can enjoy your fur slippers all year round! 

All our slippers come in beautiful colors, so there is something for everyone, no matter their age or style. That way, the whole family can enjoy the soft materials around their feet.

Do not forget that we also offer natural slippers for men! 


The final touch with a bag made of sheepskin

The perfect accessories can do wonders. That is why you should take a look at our collection of bags. You will find shoppers that are perfect for everyday use at school or work, but you can also find large bags with a zipper that can be used when you are going on a weekend trip or vacation. If you need a smaller bag for a night out, our clutches are the perfect choice. If you want a sporty look, a belt bag is just what you need.

Not only are these bags great for dressing up and everyday use - they can also have a practical function. Take a look at the Nelly clutch or Maxi Havana clutch made of genuine New Zealand sheepskin.


A pair of skin gloves is a must have

A must have in your wardrobe is definitely a pair of leather gloves to keep your fingers warm. Leather gloves are often used; when driving and it's cold in the morning, or if you have to wait for the bus or train. That is why it's important to find a pair of gloves that can keep you warm and add a beautiful detail to your outfit.

We offer a collection of natural and warm leather gloves with a simple and elegant design that has beautiful details. For example, some of the gloves have a beautiful detail of genuine fur if you love the natural look. It also gives the gloves a luxurious detail. 

If you are more into mittens, then we suggest our Kamella leather mittens, that are made of genuine leather and have fur details made of certified mink fur from Denmark!


Warm shoes

Have you seen our Mini Boots? Or our warm leather sneakers? You can find a pair of warm shoes that are stylish and made of natural sheepskin from New Zealand.

Mini Boots have become very popular, and we understand why. The boots are soft and warm, and they have a solid sole, so they are comfortable to wear. They have a stylish and simple look, which means they can be used for many different purposes. What color do you like the most; grey, black, or brown?


At NATURES Collection you can find a lot more natural items to upgrade your wardrobe. For example, check out our selection of high-quality scarves and ponchos. Our knitted beanies are a hit! If you ask us, you cannot get enough fur in your wardrobe. Dive into our universe of genuine sheepskin and fur and treat yourself or someone you love with a brand new item that is both sustainable and absolutely stunning in quality. You will not regret it.

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