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Influencer Program

Want to introduce your Instagram audience to Natures Collection's products and brand ?

We love to make new friends!

Friends who love natural products as much as we do. Friends who are willing to inspire others to see the same.

Natures Collection Influencer Program

We’re looking for like-minded Instagram influencers, who want to collaborate with Natures Collection to promote sustainable fashion and natural lifestyle.

Why should you join our Influencer Program?

· You’ll get some amazing natural products
· You’ll get a 20% discount code to share with your followers
· The possibility to be featured on our Instagram profile or our website

Are you a good fit?
We’re looking for influencers who are into sustainability, lifestyle, home interior and of course, influencers who care about the fashion industry. We expect you to have at least 5K followers and create good aesthetically pleasing & inspiring content. We hope that you’re a great storyteller, too!

Our expectations
We want to collaborate with content creators who are passionate about sustainability or other similar cause as we are, who have an audience that can relate and interact.

Let’s start!
Please apply above with a link to your Instagram profile.
To learn more about our practices, check out our About us section.

Got questions?
If you have any questions about our Influencer Program you can contact us.
If you have a blog or a Youtube channel and would like to apply for our affiliate program instead.